Latest tournament winner

  1. (Everyone is only allowed to fight with NPC bought gear.) Note: Applies to special tournament only.
  2. No pills, food or any kind of pill that can help you, ie. arena pills.
  3. Depending on the duel ground, stepping out of ground means you loose match.
  4. We do duels and no arenas. Arena match needs to be agreed upon by both participants who will fight.
  5. Matches are best two of three aka. double elimination or double knockout.
  6. Matchmaking is randomly done by seeding.
  7. The entrance fee will be collected before the beginning. Once sign up period is over no one is allowed to enter anymore.
  8. The first three split the pot by dividing it as 1 to 1,5 to 2 from third to first rank. The win is rounded financially.

Payout calculation
  • Third place ~ (Pot / 4.5) * 1
  • Second place ~ (Pot / 4.5) * 1,5
  • First place ~ (Pot / 4.5) * 2

Example with 24 participants and 5L entry fee:
  • Third place gets 27L
  • Second place gets 40L
  • First place gets 53L