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Revelation - Age of Wulin  -  Our goals are to compete, achieve, fight in Jianghu and to grow together.
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Welcome to our home!

Revelation is an Age of Wulin guild on WhiteLotus. Our goals are to compete, to achieve, to fight in Jianghu and to grow together. Founded by NA servers veterans we offer this full service website, forums, voice chat, guides, training, guild TP, daily instance runs, a variety of events ranging from social to competitive, tournaments, trade fairs, PvP, GvG, Battlefield groups, guild crafting and equipment requisition program and a fun time!

Apply to join through the recruitment link or get in touch with us in game. Contact either of the guild contacts if you have any questions. We are a very structured and active guild with members from nearly all time zones and daily regular activity level of over 50% concurrent online members.

We love to PvP and we take PvE very seriously as well. Being a open PvP sandbox game, Age of Wulin invites many different types of gamer and we want to ensure that the chemistry is right between us and our new applicants. Yet, we will help anytime to settle in, outfit you, train and guide you. As long as you adhere to the guild rules, are a social being who treats others with at least a modicum of respect and can work and are willing to work as a part of a team feel free to apply!

Our main language is English but we have no problems whatsoever if members speak their native language if they are not comfortable enough or fluent enough to speak English. We offer native language TeamSpeak channels for this and a translation service.

Yet we are one guild, one team and do not like to have cliques formed. We all work together and we expect that you socialize with us and join us on TeamSpeak for GvG.

Also, as any guild does or should, we value certain attitudes and we expect every member to adhere to ourguild policy and rules as already said before. Furthermore our ranks & roles is transparent and our instance & loot rules are clear. We value tolerance, respect, color and diversity. Likewise we look down on racism and xenophobia.

Like a late members of us put it... we got balls and we do not back down!

Well then, love to PvP and love to raid? Get in touch! We're looking forward to it! You may also simply apply on our site.